Bolder [adjective]

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I ne'er heard yet that any of these bolder vices wanted less impudence to gainsay what they did, than to perform it first.

Probably his retreat would be cut off by some similar device, so the bolder expedient of an advance offered the better chance.

Liszt, bolder than Heine, makes the attempt to portray them, and writes like an inspired poet.

And though his attempts to enter into closer communication grew bolder, he could not crack the barrier which kept them apart.

Finally the bottle came to an Indian who was somewhat bolder than the rest, or who feared to offend the white man.

I have made bolder words good before now,” returned Robin, “and that against better adversaries.

But in the problem plays of the past it finds the material it fain would see applied to a bolder, unequivocal purpose.

In fact, much more advanced and bolder in his conceptions than the others.

Then he could make a bolder and cleverer plan than any man of them all.

But to-day she was bolder from the consciousness within her that she was not yet wholly forsaken.