Bolstered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bolstered:

When she was partially recovered, it was curious to see her sitting bolstered up in bed, with so many pets around her.

The loan being thus bolstered up rose to four and a half per cent premium.

Having come to this conclusion in the way indicated, they then bolstered it up with arguments to justify it positively.

She was almost in tears, from her fright; yet still bolstered her courage with the thought: "For my father and mother!"

Elinor was bolstered up in bed, looking like a wan, despairing woman of fifty, instead of a girl of twenty-two.

She bolstered up her cushions, rearranged her coverings, and left again.

A reassuring bank account bolstered up my courage while the work was getting under way.

Only her hate of the man at her side bolstered up pride, so that she compelled herself to keep moving by sheer force of will.

These people were not bolstered by society, or the church, into a life of self-respect and self-help.

That promise of green bolstered their weary spirits for a last exhausting effort.