Bolstering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bolstering:

In the Episcopal church a nurse is bolstering up a wounded officer in the area behind the altar.

This, Braceway knew, was why she had advanced him money, bolstering up one mistake with another.

She was asking Petrarch to do her an inestimable service by bolstering up her third-rate university.

But the Noelites were far too vitiated in taste to be long content with mere bolstering or harmless games.

"At present she's bolstering up two or three dozen people who are only received on the strength of her name," Oakleigh replied.

And so—well, anyhow, we satisfied our sense of beauty by cautiously repairing that fence and bolstering up that giddy gate.

There's nothing but superstition and squalor, and I'm sorry to say father's always bolstering it all up with his cheques.'

It even caused him to lend himself here to the task of bolstering up the case of that petulant, contemptible creature, Darnley.

At bolstering, Duncan was a perfect champion; his strength and activity were marvellous, and his mirth uproarious.

The weakest and the worst have somehow got to the top, and giants are bolstering up the impotence of dwarfs.