Bolted [verb]

Definition of Bolted:

run quickly away

Opposite/Antonyms of Bolted:

Sentence/Example of Bolted:

Now contrast these numbers to 2020, when Robles’s average speed was 28 and he finished a shortened year with just four bolts.

It could also become a rebellion led by a former president, as when Teddy Roosevelt bolted the GOP and formed the Progressive, or “Bull Moose,” Party.

Some of the messages were from Oxford High assistants who had seen it happen before, when Metcalf bolted across the field to deliver a crucial block on a screen play that went for a touchdown in the state championship game his senior season.

Kids would imitate the stiff Frankenstein walk, ask if the bolts in his head needed tightening and make off-color jokes.

When they interact just right, you can feel a bolt of energy inside.

One area has to do with evaluating derivative models like the Max that bolt modern technology onto older platforms.

Toyota uses parts like bushings and bearings and bolts of the same size and spec across several of its vehicles.

If you’re ready to move to lead, climb a little above the bolt, and take a short fall.

This is especially helpful for shorter people, since some routes are bolted by six-foot-plus giants who can reach draws from different holds.

The visionary who’s pledging to launch the Plaid, which bolts from zero to 60 in two seconds, needs to deliver a parallel feat of acceleration in making and selling Teslas.