Bolter [noun]

Definition of Bolter:

person who escapes

Synonyms of Bolter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bolter:


Sentence/Example of Bolter:

"Well, so far as I can see, Bolter has not been running away," he said thoughtfully.

Leon Bolter was made a first assistant engineer, and Fred Faggs the second.

Whenever he spoke, again, Morris Bolter—quite as instantly, just as visibly and as audibly—was there upon the platform.

A wealthy Victorian was arrested as a Tasmanian bolter while I was in the colony.

One of her tricks, bolting, was not so very serious, but now she proved herself a “blind bolter.”

"We're going right across country to Bolter's stock farm," Louise told her.

Mr. Littell was a builder and constructor and he bought many work horses of Mr. Bolter's raising, as well as saddle stock.

Louise had an errand from her father to Mr. Bolter and went away with Esther to interview the horse owner.

I understand Bolter paid somewhere near twenty thousand dollars for the mare.

Flour bolter, for separating flour from purified middlings of second grading.