Bombard [verb]

Definition of Bombard:

assault, attack

Synonyms of Bombard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombard:

Sentence/Example of Bombard:

The Germans continued to bombard Ypres with large calibre shells, heaping ruins upon ruins.

Three days before Filangieri landed, the gunners in the citadel began to bombard the helpless town lying beneath them.

Sheriff Jones demanded the arms of the people, otherwise he would bombard the town.

Wolfe's first move was to occupy Point Levi, and erect batteries there, from which he could bombard the city.

The 15th was fixed upon for the grand assault, and the entire fleet had orders to move up and bombard at an early hour.

One such reaction uses alpha particles emitted by polonium-210 (or some other alpha emitter) to bombard the element beryllium.

It was determined to bombard Beyrout; the bombardment of Algiers had shown what could be done against stone walls.

The enemy could, however, bombard certain sections of trenches so systematically that he was able to obliterate them.

The Pizarro had come to bombard the town, and her consorts were now on their way for the same purpose.

As he refused to surrender, and as the town had declared in his favour, I thought we would have to bombard it.