Bombardier [noun]

Definition of Bombardier:

bombing airplane

Synonyms of Bombardier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombardier:


Sentence/Example of Bombardier:

They were crouching in one of the gun-pits—a bombardier and three gunners, very cold and very miserable.

Fig. 508 presents Calosoma sycophanta pursuing a Bombardier (Brachinus explodens), which squirts out a vapour of pungent odour.

Bombardier Havelock was wounded in the thigh by fragments of shell.

Pickersdyke swore as he had not done since he was a rough-riding bombardier.

He had made himself one moment of leisure, and visited Bombardier Lane, but without result.

Of course he went to Bombardier Lane, where he was received by the old people like a favourite son.

To call him to meals, Baraffe utters a piercing cry, which reaches the ear of the bombardier-grenadier.

Bombardier Bevignani or Marine Mancinelli might revel in it.

I hear the 76th Battery got its share of shelling the other day, and a bombardier was killed.

"To save one's life, bombardier, one may have to eat anything," I told him.