Bombarding [verb]

Definition of Bombarding:

assault, attack

Synonyms of Bombarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombarding:

Sentence/Example of Bombarding:

While the French were bombarding that city from their ships, the Americans, led by Pulaski, tried to storm it .

Barker ran round the room after him, bombarding him with demands and entreaties.

As we entered, our artillery hastened to prepare for its further work of bombarding at close quarters.

The rest of the fleet than began bombarding the place, and in seven or eight minutes it was reduced to ruins.

The Boers, thinking the trucks full of soldiers, immediately commenced bombarding them, till they exploded with terrific force.

To drive the news home, the enemy, on 23rd March, began bombarding Paris with long-range guns capable of firing 70 miles.

Our artillery was steadily bombarding the enemy's lines, and our boys were putting on raids almost every night.

The forts did not reply, and Admiral Carden, who was in command of the bombarding fleet, thought that they must be out of action.

Upwards of a dozen warships have been bombarding the coast-line.

We went into the trenches, and the Germans were bombarding us and smashing the place up.