Bombardment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bombardment:

Our gunners had put more than they could afford into the bombardment and had very little wherewith to pave the way.

“I shall renew the bombardment, and put every one of you to death in a few days,” threatened the Brahmin.

Cannonade between forts George and Niagara, and bombardment from all the batteries.

The American commanders confined the bombardment to the forts and trenches situated to the south of the city.

Later on he notified the consular body that the bombardment would commence on the 12th of the month.

The bombardment having been announced for the 12th, they reckoned on a full day for burning and sacking the town.

Trenches full of dead Turks, many buried by bombardment, and 100 prisoners were taken in them.

If the bombardment was ineffective, from whatever cause, then the men should not have been allowed to break cover.

Ancona capitulated to the Austrians after a very destructive bombardment.

Even his appearance during the bombardment in the uniform of a German lieutenant had meant nothing to her.