Bombastic [adjective]

Definition of Bombastic:

pompous, grandiloquent

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombastic:

Sentence/Example of Bombastic:

The bombastic entrepreneur made the mistake of openly criticizing China’s regulators, accusing them of operating with a “pawnshop mentality” on stage at an industry conference.

Though her party has roots in Italy’s postwar neo-Fascist movement, Meloni has projected a more moderate and serious image during the coronavirus crisis than the bombastic Salvini and has started to gain significant ground in the centre of Italy.

Part of that is probably because he is a little bombastic and a little aggressive.

I think it’s safe to say we have been missing something, especially if we get most of our loneliness news from breathless TV reports and bombastic headlines.

And to think, in a moment of spite, I'd have given it to that bombastic warrior!

I do not mean conventional superiority or bombastic assumption, but what you really believe to be good and noble.

It is true that Culpeper's Herbal appeared later, but this bombastic work was of no botanical value.

He stands in violent contrast with the bombastic heroes of all times—modest, gentle-hearted, and always approachable.

Little drops of water is better than all 167 that bombastic stuff.

If it is high flown and bombastic, a character for national simplicity and thankfulness cannot long be maintained.