Bombed [adjective]

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Our fellows were bombed clean out of their trenches, but only fell back 30 yards and dug in.

The word was that we were to go to Vlamertinghe, where the Zeppelins had bombed us in our huts.

Our casualties were heavy and, just before dawn, a squadron of Fokkers bombed us, adding to the inferno.

I learnt that the town had been heavily bombed by hostile aircraft during the day.

On 18th September Martinsart was bombed by a hostile aeroplane, in those days a most unusual occurrence.

They then found a dug-out containing four Germans, which they bombed until all were killed.

These were heavily bombed; many were killed, the remainder running away.

The English bombers always bombed the enemy at night and they continued to do this throughout the War.

When the British bombed at night they dropped flares which lit up the entire area and the searchlights that were probing the sky.

The Germans in the areas that had not been bombed were friendly, but those in the cities were more hostile.