Bomber [noun]

Definition of Bomber:

bombing airplane

Synonyms of Bomber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bomber:


Sentence/Example of Bomber:

Abruptly a bomber fell out of formation, tried to right itself, failed.

The night bomber is very often a huge triplane, for the extra wing surface gives greater lifting power.

They practiced for months at bomber takeoff from a field the same length as the deck of a carrier which had never been done.

The Friedrichshafen bomber was not so large as the Gotha, but in many points of construction it resembled it.

The bomber vapor trails would be straight and the fighter trails would be above them back and forth across the blue sky.

With ten men in each bomber, sometimes five or six hundred men would be lost in a single mission.

As one of the boys in the bomber crew had been hit in the knee by flak, he had it all wrapped up in bloody cloths.

Bruce was the only man I knew but these bomber crews were immediately as close as long lost buddies.

One day we saw a large bomber go over with a smaller plane sitting on top of it.

Supposing something had happened so Freddy couldn't quit the bomber?