Bombing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bombing:

There could be but little time left us before that bombing struck dead center and brought the whole palace down.

The Boche were at it hard now, and they were bombing all round every night.

Driving back to Cassel we had a fine sight of bombing and searchlights.

My four bombing fliers supplied an adequate diversion for the Municipal Patrol, didn't they?

Meanwhile routine reports from all parts of the ship showed that the Idaho had suffered no damage of any kind from the bombing.

But, of course, the bombing of those prentice days would be childs play to the bombing of the next war.

The letter said that Lieutenant Peter Fearing had gone out with his squadron on a bombing-expedition well within the enemy lines.

The four seaports from whence the Stolgonian invasion of Eglonsby was to have been launched were neutralized by nuclear bombing.

On this occasion all three brigade grenadier companies detailed bombing squads to take part in the operations.

Bombing, before this innovation, had been regarded as the duty of specialists.