Bombs [noun]

Definition of Bombs:

exploding weapon

Synonyms of Bombs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombs:


Sentence/Example of Bombs:

Taken together, it’s a deadly cocktail, a bomb that, unless it’s defused in time, could explode in our faces in the coming months and years.

It’s like going to war with knives when everyone else has bombs.

Concerns that Germany might develop a nuclear bomb prompted Albert Einstein’s famous letter to President Franklin Roosevelt, sent in August 1939, that eventually led to the Manhattan Project.

It became clear that building a fission bomb would require generating a “chain reaction” — the fission process itself would need to release neutrons capable of inducing further fission.

More like bomb-shells, military mines, torpedoes, and nitroglycerine trains.

The trench mortars—bomb guns they call them—will be ready in Japan in two and a half months' time.

That boy shows old Rachels blood, soliloquized the mistress of Wavertree Hall; he would not run if there were a bomb under him!

Villeroi's reply was to commence the bombardment at once, and forthwith bomb-shells and red-hot shot came pouring on the town.

For instance, the Master Cook has a party of bomb-throwers formed from among the cooks.

Lieutenant Treat, commanding the artillery, was killed on the first day by the bursting of a bomb.