Bonds [noun]

Definition of Bonds:

binder or fastener

Synonyms of Bonds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bonds:


Sentence/Example of Bonds:

Indifferent health, for he was delicate too, was one of the bonds between us.

But they have tied their credit system in the bonds of narrow banking laws and their trade in those of a cramping tariff.

A few families, united to him by bonds of friendship, he still attended when they required the services of a physician.

To strengthen the bonds so loosely yet so finely drawn must henceforth be the constant duty of the Statesmen of the Empire.

The contrast in all other respects only served to open new horizons to both and draw the bonds of friendship closer.

Thus urged, the committee succeeded in paying one half the sum, and gave bonds for the rest.

And second, I want your folks should handle the bonds of my railroad—construction bonds.

And now I will break in pieces his rod with which he struck thy back, and I will burst thy bonds asunder.

If the cultivator has not caused corn or sesame to grow in the field, he shall not alter his bonds.

If without witness and bonds he has given on deposit, and where he has deposited they keep disputing him, this case has no remedy.