Boned [verb]

Definition of Boned:

be or make very upset

Synonyms of Boned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boned:

Sentence/Example of Boned:

This problem was solved by a native coming along driving a raw-boned horse before a rickety wagon.

Many of the horses were sleek, glossy, and fine-limbed, like racers; others were strong-boned and rough.

He had a square, rigid-boned face, and deep-set dark grey eyes, and a good head of black hair threaded with silver.

The non-commissioned officer was a tall Kentuckian, over six feet high, lank and raw-boned.

The low-ceiled dining-room suddenly shrank about the big-boned, long legged hill man.

He sat upright, his hat lying on the floor at his side and his hands resting on his large-boned knees.

He was a big, raw-boned, hulking fellow from New Hampshire, and his laugh was like the braying of a mule.

I give you the boned quail to show you what an exceedingly simple operation boning is.

Edith Hale was a tall, raw-boned, thin girl, with small pretensions to beauty or wit.

A large, heavy boned boy, he moved with the determined gallop of a stubborn two year old colt.