Bonnet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bonnet:

Mrs. Newbolt was cutting splints for her new sun-bonnet out of a pasteboard box.

The farmer stooped down, and raised the shabby bonnet from the face of the woman to examine her more carefully.

She wore an old poke bonnet and carried a crooked stick, and there seemed to be a hump upon her back.

The hump-backed little figure with poke-bonnet and cane was chased out upon the broken landing.

Do not save on the dress or cloak to buy a more elaborate bonnet, but let the cost be well equalized and the effect will be good.

A soiled bonnet cap, untidy strings, or torn gloves and collar will utterly spoil the prettiest costume.

A dress of merino in winter, with a cloth cloak and plain velvet or silk bonnet is the most suitable.

The bonnet should be either of straw or felt, simply trimmed; and, above all, carry a large umbrella.

If you are to pass the night in the cars, carry a warm woolen or silk hood, that you may take off your bonnet at night.

The shadowI saw the shadow of a woman, in a cloak and bonnet, pass along the wainscot like a breath!