Bony [adjective]

Definition of Bony:

of or like bone

Synonyms of Bony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bony:

Sentence/Example of Bony:

Johnny the Itch pulled nervously at the wide-brimmed fedora jerked down on his bony skull.

Angular and bony, with slightly stooped shoulders, his face is a mass of minute wrinkles seamed on yellow parchment.

Indeed, part of the bony structure had rolled clear of the shreds of tattered rags.

Various disorders of nutrition in the early years of life express themselves in bony deformities, and the skull is not spared.

Then she drew the glistening ring from the skeleton's bony hand, and placed it on her third finger.

Claws stood wide open; bony shells lay still under their bristling prickles; some reversed showed their livid hollows.

Taking first the head, which should be bony, not fleshy, remember that the more brain the more horse sense.

His yellow skin, drawn tightly over a bony face, gives no sign of age or youth.

Toby and Napoleon speedily became friends, and the black man always spoke of the Emperor as "that good man, Bony."

He sits shambling in the saddle, his smock and tall boots dangle on his bony figure.