Boob [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Boob:

We can learn7 enough in two lessons to make good in this Boob community.

A small boy once defined a Boob as one who always treats other people better than he does himself.

Of course, what bothers other people is that the Boob is so happy.

Nature must love the Boob, because she is a good deal of a Boob herself.

It is the Boob who is always willing to look hopefully for angels who will see them ultimately.

It will be the Boob who will come to your aid, even before the cop gets there.

And the man who is only looking for the Boob's timepiece will do time of his own by and by.

Can it be that the Boob is Nature's darling, that she intends him to outlive all the rest?

The Boob is hopeful, cheery, more concerned over other people's troubles than his own.

The Boob is convinced that the world is conducted on genteel and friendly principles.