Booing [verb]

Definition of Booing:


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Sentence/Example of Booing:

The crowd set up a roar of approval at the sight of us, tempered by a little booing.

He stood in the saddle and jumped over the barrier where a rain of rotten eggs from the booing fans spattered him thoroughly.

But the silence of his schoolmates and the booing of the visiting rooters affected him badly.

At times you can hear their cheering or booing, as the case may be, right away on the pastures where the Wild Asses feed.

Meantime the news of their arrival had spread, and as they returned through the town they were greeted with jeers and booing.

Down swooped the curtain, leaving the crowd booing on one side of it, and Lola raging on the other.

In the chorus of cheers and booing some one sang out, 'He's a jolly good fellow!'

There was a noise of yelling and booing, and some exclamations that caused the sailor's companion to wince.

Pouting is generally accompanied by frowning, and sometimes by the utterance of a booing or whooing noise.

Amid booing and hissing, they threw lighted squibs in at the windows.