Bookcase [noun]

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The writer turned to a bookcase and removed a volume in a faded cover that had once been bright with rainbow colors.

Sit down in that corner behind the bookcase and I'll read to you from one of the old poets, Byron, belike.

With his invincible patience he was waiting now, in her room up-stairs, standing before the bookcase with his back to the door.

Through the open doors she saw him as he turned and wandered to the bookcase and stood there, apparently absorbed.

"Not in plain sight, Ziz," said Wise, and he started moving out a bookcase to look behind it.

If furnished with shelves, it can be used as a bookcase or tool closet, and when fully opened, it makes a handy workbench.

The Countess looked absently at the reflection of her frail charming person in the mirror by the bookcase.

Her lips were dry, and her limbs trembled as she caught herself back against the bookcase.

Thus a neat, strong cover, which looks well in a bookcase, is secured at very little expense.

"This will do for me, sir," said I, pointing to a cupboard under the bookcase.