Booked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Booked:

They booked their places and paid their money, and were proud to sit behind their friend with such a splendid team.

I had failed, for the third time since capture, and was probably booked for a cell under the Turkish Ministry of War.

They were particularly nice to look at, and settings of their eggs were eagerly booked long beforehand.

Twice I booked for Sydney on my own—missed one boat through a train wreck, and the other was libeled at the dockhead.

Not long ago I was booked for a couple of recitals in a small town of not more than two thousand inhabitants.

No one had booked with us down to this hour, and we had counted upon having the cabin to ourselves.

The leading notabilities of the place had booked up all the stalls at more than twice the usual prices.

Not having heard what station he had booked for, I took a fourth-class ticket to Wittmund, which covered all chances.

It was just possible that he might get a gallery seat in the place where the Archdeacon is booked for a stall.

Four days later a seat was booked for Kim and his small trunk at the rear of a Kalka tonga.