Bookings [noun]

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Rare and curious articles are worth careful booking; that's the text of my cable.

"There was a commotion near the booking-stall," said Renwick.

The American was rich and fussy, and when booking his passage, had demanded to do so through the manager.

Here there was rare fun going forward, every fellow screaming out his bets, and booking them as fast as he could.

The booking-clerk at Banbury remembered only three gents booking by that particular train.

And, smiling, he waved his hand and parted from his friend in the booking office of Ludgate Hill Station.

I wonder if your Dr. Morgan saw Hans' footprint on the gangplank or the print of his thumb in a booking-office, or what.

They promptly raised their charge for admission from sixpence to one shilling, with an additional sixpence for booking.

Alec squeezed himself through the throng of Europeans in the booking office, and managed to reach a spot just behind the magnate.

"Booking office of the railway," said Dick, ten minutes later, seeing Carl descend and enter an office so labelled.