Bookish [adjective]

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Technical words and bookish terms are not words of national use.

It all came back in cash to the working man; and yet it was my own pals who had rebuked me for being too bookish.

I envy you the acquaintance of a genuine non-bookish man like Captain Speke.

It was only geography that morning, any way: and the practical thing was worth any quantity of bookish theoric.

He seemingly was a bookish young man who would probably enjoy hunting a Greek verb to its lair.

There are authors who are the delight of a bookish few, and there are authors with an enormous public and no reputation.

All along elevator-row small groups of bookish-looking men returned from their day's work in the Apperception Centers.

He couldn't imagine the bookish and hermit-like Prissler skylarking with the fellows; the boy didn't—well, didn't just "fit."

Milton sets everywhere his little pitfalls of bookish association for the memory.

What had become of his dream of idylls, his gentle bookish romance?