Bookishness [noun]

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But his well-knit body and clear eyes showed no marks of bookishness, and Italy had made him a swordsman.

All the unreality and mere bookishness of M. Comte's knowledge of physical science comes out in the passage I have italicised.

It was a sad example of beauty sacrificed on the altar of bookishness.

But that did not trouble me: I knew, I felt that I should be understood and that this very bookishness might be an assistance.

Perhaps it was the stimulus of mountain air, a bracing climate, that got him out of his habitual bookishness.

There was a bookishness, a certain formality in this woman's language, which was very remarkable.

The latter were books of which the principal characteristic was not their bookishness but their decorativeness.

Rousseau himself does not surpass Diderot or D'Alembert in contempt for mere bookishness.

Then I tackled Beowulf, and found it to be what I guessed—no rugged national epic at all, but a blown-out bag of bookishness.

But for a' that, and a' that—great is bookishness and the charm of books.