Bookkeeper [noun]

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Most of their content is geared towards small business owners, helping them with accounting and bookkeeping tips that go beyond simply promoting their product features and benefits.

Upwork, which connects employers with gig workers for tasks ranging from a six-month UX design project to a weeklong bookkeeping stint, boasted a 19 percent growth in revenue in the second quarter and 21 percent in the first quarter.

"I am a bookkeeper, and an all-round office man," added the sick man.

Though neatly turned out, he looked a little like an out-of-work bookkeeper.

Two days later he again appeared in the office with the result of a count that had been asked for by Mr. Hesse, the bookkeeper.

I went in a stripling and grew into manhood with muscled arms big as a bookkeeper's legs.

This last case, of the bookkeeper engaged to the clerk, is the modern situation at its happiest normal.

His fidelity, ability and trustworthiness led to promotion and he was afterward made assistant bookkeeper.

The private secretary was scientific—as a bookkeeper—but as a nurse she was ignorantly human.

I was a sort of bookkeeper for the other world, to take places in the stage, and to see that the first come were the first served.