Booklets [noun]

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Every boy and girl should read this booklet so as to be forearmed against evils of the sort just described.

In this booklet the author points out a number of different kinds of "cures" and patent medicines.

There has been no attempt to cover the whole ground of destructive criticism in the brief compass of this booklet.

The officials of the organization dare not permit the booklet I saw to be generally circulated among their members.

His booklet of twenty-two pages, unsalable in his time, is to-day held worth far more than its weight in gold.

I have carefully read those of Ohio and believe that the booklet contains nothing which is not safely within them.

Certain friends greatly fear that some things said in this booklet may fall foul of the criminal-syndicalism laws.

With malice towards none and charity to all, this modest booklet is launched on the uncertain sea of literature.

In the next section of this booklet, there are several examples that will show you how all this works in practice.

The illustrations of procedures used in the situations described in this booklet are typical of some in use today.