Bookmaker [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bookmaker:

You could get the numbers of the notes from Kentman the bookmaker, Inspector; he'll probably have the big ones, anyway.

By return of post came the desired release from the bookmaker, and Mr. Arundel handed it to the boy with a pleasant smile.

The bookmaker was Nicholas Gerard, always called Nick by everybody.

"Even hundred nobody names it," yelled a bookmaker in the ring.

Yes: a bookmaker is a man who lives by betting on the races.

About the stall of the one lone bookmaker a small crowd, made up altogether of men, eddied and swirled.

The little betting ring was empty almost and the lone bookmaker was turning his blackboard down.

After that she went to hops at the hotel, and as the bookmaker did not dance, the two young people sat upon the piazza.

For an instant the face of the bookmaker grew a shade less red and his eyes searched those of Ford in a quick agony of suspicion.

We have really much difficulty in portraying upon our mental speculum so anomalous an animal as an Oriental bookmaker.