Bookworm [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bookworm:

While she should read well and wisely, the girl should not turn into a bookworm.

She was a good deal of a bookworm, and did a great deal of beautiful embroidery, and never said much.

A dull bookworm like me,—cochlea vitam agens, Mr. Squills,—leading the life of a snail!

To tell the truth, a bookworm such as he is is one of the most irritating persons in existence.

It is no chimera of the recluse or the bookworm, but a potent reality.

But what a pity that a pretty girl like Martine should turn into a bookworm!

He was a bookworm, a student, a scholar, and learned in the old sagas and eddas.

If, therefore, one tries to read all books, one would become a mere bookworm and a good-for-nothing fellow.

But I was never a bookworm, though the love of knowledge and the special love of those books I have named is with me yet.

Mr. Winthrop Adams was two good inches taller and stood up very straight in spite of his being a bookworm.