Boomerang [verb]

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Snakes were always killed with sticks, whilst birds were brought down with the wonderful boomerang.

The well-known instrument called the boomerang is Australian, and it is, perhaps, exclusively so.

Figure 114 is the Nubian sword, which in form exactly resembles the boomerang.

This much, all curved weapons of the boomerang form possess as a common property.

The New Zealander throws his pattoo-pattoo, and the Australian throws the dowak and the waddy, as well as his boomerang.

It executed a boomerang trajectory, lit again on the same spot, and began rubbing its legs as before.

He was within two hundred yards of me, and when he saw me he raised his 'boomerang,' and sent it whizzing into the air.

I will show you that this apparently mortal thrust of Dr. Reed's was made, not with a lance, but with a boomerang.

But, in the meantime, the one who had thrown the 'boomerang' was after me with raised spear.

The Germans were entirely unprepared for this boomerang attack.