Boor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Boor:

I do not know of any treasure in Bluar Boor, but I refer you to the enclosed letter which tells something of treasure elsewhere.

Wo betide the family of the rich boor, who presumed to depart this life without a passport from Dr. Luke Lundin!

He did mind, not bargaining for learning lessons in the holidays; but he could not show himself so uncivil a boor as to refuse.

One of the chief grievances of the Irishman in the middle ages was that the man who robbed him was such a boor.

You see this boor, a boor of the country, an illiterate boor, and yet the citizen of good-fellows.

The second class dealt with different classes of the population (the sailor, the prophet, the boor, the parasite).

Then Sir Kay said very sternly: "Which of ye is that boor who put so grievous an affront upon a gentleman of my party?"

Captain Enderwood swore at the poor old man, though the captain ever respected age and regarded profanity as the mark of a boor.

I cursed myself for the boor that I was to burst upon her so.

Do I ask you to accept the attentions of a boor or a scape-grace?