Boorishness [noun]

Definition of Boorishness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Boorishness:

Sentence/Example of Boorishness:

Those who knew Tenev and Bhatt at Stanford say the pair were more bookish than boorish.

Friendliness comes between the excessive desire to please and boorishness.

The never-failing goodness of the chevalier could not but overcome my boorishness; nay, more, it rapidly won my heart.

She had always resented the imputation of boorishness and lack of culture his enemies had made against the man she loved.

I see no evidence of the boorishness I have always associated with the lives of the Barons of England.

"I am having a very interesting and instructive morning in this atmosphere of Irish boorishness," said he.

The old folk noted his boorishness and lack of the little refinements which mark the gentleman.

Hence, to be a farmer here implies no social inferiority, no rusticity, no boorishness.

She looked up, so happily, that I began to reproach myself for my boorishness.

I asked, and immediately felt ashamed of my complete boorishness.