Boors [noun]

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The Poles were either (p. 002) dull and sluggish boors or haughty and elegant, pleasure-loving nobles.

It was the clergyman with some boors from the village, who immediately began to make search all over in the house.

The idleness, wickedness, extravagance and selfishness of women, make men the boors and egotists they are.

Then Sir Dagonet, seeing where those rude boors were eating their meal of food, came to them and stood amongst them.

The craft of the Italians is about to triumph over the simplicity of these German boors!

Has not he thickheaded ignorant boors; lazy, enslaved farmers, weedy lands?

Mr Seebohm, p. 130, commits what seems to me the mistake of saying that the cottiers and boors are various classes of geneats.

My body may be with boors but, at the same time, my spirit may be holding companionship with seers and sages.

First awoke the vague sense that I ought to be doing something; that I was not meant for the fattening of boors!

And he prided himself upon his race and breeding, and considered our American men boors!