Boosted [verb]

Definition of Boosted:

further, improve

Synonyms of Boosted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boosted:

Sentence/Example of Boosted:

Also, one boomed and boosted his own particular emotions, celebrating their merits in the language of the circus-poster.

Many and various have been the schemes devised whereby the dwindled circulation might be boosted.

Mr. Speed boosted Mayo and the young man attached the cloth to the scantling and flung their banner to the breeze.

He boosted me into the chamber of the converter and pointed out an opening near the top, about twelve by twenty-four inches.

The action had a depressing effect on Union morale but greatly boosted that of the Confederates.

There the price of lumber had been boosted sky-high, and this destroyed Dingles profits on contracts he had undertaken.

They pried and boosted, their clinging shirts bulging with the swell of their back-muscles.

It was Ted, who thus boosted her up a few steps, telling her that the plan was to make them feel secure and then spring Don.

Quade scrambled to get in next, but Holmes shoved him aside and boosted the old man through.

They boosted him roughly to a pony, leading it by the reins while Jack clung moaning to the horn of the saddle.