Boosting [verb]

Definition of Boosting:

further, improve

Synonyms of Boosting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boosting:

Sentence/Example of Boosting:

Pulling from above and boosting from below make climbing easy.

Of course, all Lovell outfits will tear their shirts boosting the endowment fund, but that needn't bar the other herds.

I feel as if I'd been sitting in on a sky-the-limit game boosting the ante with a pair of shoe-strings.

Even though the ball was on a level with his cap visor, Shultz managed to hit it, boosting a high fly toward the smiling sky.

The Xanthus city must have been a boosting station; that explains the mysterious machines I saw.

At last we went out by the barn and, with much boosting, I climbed to the top of the haystack and my sister followed.

This method of boosting the average shows anything but "critical examination" on his part.

But let the team know that you're right with them, backing them up all the time, fighting behind them, boosting them along!

Mr. B. was arrested and tried on the charge of price-boosting by means of chain trade.

To get at the men who were hoarding en masse for speculation and price-boosting purposes, an efficient secret service was needed.