Booths [noun]

Definition of Booths:

small enclosure or building

Synonyms of Booths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Booths:


Sentence/Example of Booths:

Barton Booth died; a celebrated tragedian in the reign of queen Anne, author of some songs and minor pieces.

It was in conjunction with Mr. Booth that my father constructed the 'Rocket' engine.

The custodian's booth was closed, but there was a small gate in the great entrance and we walked in.

And Lamb said a four-letter word after he had hung up and laughed out loud in the phone booth.

See Fig. 85, a copy of a broken sepulchral slab, in which the prophets booth is reduced to a single branch of a gourd.

Enough of it seeped to Joe's ears to make him twist his mustache quite furiously when he came out of the telephone booth.

He then receives a ballot which he alone marks secretly in a voting booth.

The world begins to be weary of the old booth; and if not weary, familiar with the familiarity that breeds contempt.

There was another booth of rather a singular kind—a temporary pawnbroker's, and who appeared to have a good brisk trade.

William Booth, who was a planter of considerable means in Westmoreland County at this time, was probably the father of this youth.