Booties [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Booties:

They succeeded in stopping thirty or forty coaches, and rode off with a great booty in guineas, watches and jewellery.

It was thought probable that Kidd would carry his booty to some colony.

One by one the bags were opened, and glorious, indeed, was the booty—well worth the risk we had encountered!

They were one by one ransacked for treasure, and in some of the largest much booty was obtained.

The massacre lasted three days; after which the marauders, laden with booty, took refuge in the mountains.

We had before, as you have heard, reaped the largest booty I had ever got in that quarter, and I hoped to secure a like one again.

The men of the land came together and did battle with him, but Olaf gat the victory and much booty.

Securing this rich booty, the Rangers burned the cars and repassed Sheridan's pickets before the day had dawned.

March off to fight the Saracens in Palestine, the country of miracles, where you will gather an immense booty!

Morgiana opened her lips; the pigeon swept away the grain, and lit upon a laurel spray, proud of his booty.