Bootlegger [noun]

Definition of Bootlegger:

illegal liquor dealer

Synonyms of Bootlegger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bootlegger:


Sentence/Example of Bootlegger:

Mr. Rosen was by way of being—by a roundabout way of being—what technically is known as a bootlegger.

According to the estimate of the narrator, a bootlegger passes through Malone every eight minutes.

The blow of her stick had half blinded the bootlegger's one eye, but he was coming toward her.

I imagine, of course, as I said to Mr. Hampton here earlier, that our bootlegger friends set the fire.

Soon he saw that he was flying faster than the bootlegger ahead of him.

It seemed to him that he simply must look around and face the bootlegger.

Are you fellows going to let him in on the bootlegger stuff?

He was also curious to know what manner of man the bootlegger would prove to be.

To his astonishment the bootlegger climbed into the plane after him, shut the door, and sat down in one of the seats.

If the bootlegger wanted simply to be carried across to Canada because his own plane had gone bad, that was one thing.