Boots [noun]

Definition of Boots:

heavy, often tall, shoe

Synonyms of Boots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boots:


Sentence/Example of Boots:

"I bought them boots to wear only when I go into genteel society," said one of the codfish tribe, to a wag, the other day.

Isaac Bolum had fixed himself comfortably on two legs of his chair, with the projecting soles of his boots caught behind the rung.

Tip wore leaky boots all last winter, but when spring came he bought Mrs. Pulsifer a sewing machine.

When the first sunbeam gleamed through the window of Bat's tiny kitchen, I arose, pulled on my boots and went to feed my horse.

She wore soiled Burberry, high-legged tan boots, and a peaked cap of distinctly military appearance.

I mean, that as you have come in with your boots and spurs, to thank you for that you have not brought your horse too.

In your boots you will be unable to stand firm; you will run the risk of slipping every time that you break ground.

If you fight in your boots, we must all do the same, and for myself—well, I have not come here to commit suicide.

He got down ponderously from his stool and squeaked out behind the long counter in his shiny boots.

"That's a cross dog of yours," cried the woman, kicking at Pincher, with her heavy nailed boots.