Boozer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Boozer:

When I hear (as I often do) some flabby boozer whining and ascribing his trouble to the drinkshop, I despise him.

Haven't you enough to do without wasting your time over a boozer?

At this moment a short knock sounded on the back door, and an instant change came over Becky Boozer.

Becky Boozer rested her soapy hands on the edge of the tub and looked at him admiringly over her shoulder.

In a moment Becky Boozer knocked on the door and stuck her gigantic hat through the opening.

The boy was straining to see him out of sight when a resounding bellow from Becky Boozer let him know that dinner was ready.

Becky Boozer's huge frame blocked it behind them as she stood in the sun to see them off.

A blissful silence fell over the cheerful room and Becky Boozer stood back to survey the two busy boys and engrossed silent man.

All the love he had ever felt for any one seemed shallow compared to his yearning over this debauched, foul-mouthed, hairy boozer.

At first, it shone as no doubt it always did from Becky Boozer's powerful rubbing.