Boozing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Boozing:

As for those boozing fellows up there in the corner, they have deceived and cheated us, that is very evident.

As they looked in they saw some sailors boozing in a dirty taproom, and enveloped in tobacco smoke.

Within half a minute a little squad of men dashed out of the "boozing ken" to rescue him who had given this signal.

Cyril Mast is boozing himself mad; we are trying to sober him down enough to read the service over Bassett.

Theres Flint Jackson, his deaf old woman, and the young people lodging with him, all drinking and boozing away at yon alehouse.

He has openly bragged about the country, and even among his boozing companions at Epsom, that he will marry you.

We're done with this boozing business, and we ask your pardon for it right here and now.

"I suppose your old boozing mate's wife was very happy when he reformed," I said to Mitchell.

Each, when he's boozing, reckons his mate the cleverest man and the hardest case in the world—second to himself.

He had been drinking and playing cards till early that morning, and he looked awful—he looked as if he'd been boozing for a month.