Bordello [noun]

Definition of Bordello:


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Sentence/Example of Bordello:

Surely he would have then concluded me as constant at the bordello, as the galley-slave at his oar.

But as with the bits of coloured glass in the kaleidoscope, the elements of Bordello's mind remain the same.

Sofas with shabby, mutilated upholstery in bordello scarlet.

Bordello's youthful genius craves sympathy, and he finds it by investing Nature with fanciful forms and attributes.

To pass for ever out of and beyond 170one's self is to the artist the lesson of Bordello's story.

That there is something unmanly about a grown man playing the piano, save only when he plays it in a bordello.

"Sophia, you and the cardinal must not be linked to Tilia Caballo's bordello," said Tilia.