Bordered [verb]

Definition of Bordered:

bound on; be on the edge

Synonyms of Bordered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bordered:

Sentence/Example of Bordered:

And the girl, scarce believing her good fortune, departed with a speed that bordered on the ludicrous.

This was bordered by salt marshes only, covered occasionally at spring tides by the sea, some of which extended pretty far inland.

It was bordered by trees for almost its entire length on both sides, and it was shaped like a enormous, elongated comma.

She was gracious to him for once, and gave him good morning in a manner that bordered upon the pleasant.

A large portion of the way the road is bordered by fine forests, which form a great park around the mansion.

It passes through a beautiful section and is bordered in many places by the immense parks of country estates.

The main streets are very wide, nearly straight, and bordered in many places with fine trees.

The under wings are without any spots, but are bordered behind by a cinereous thread.

Never use the gilt edged, or fancy bordered paper; it looks vulgar, and is in bad taste.

He then drew from his kimono sleeve a pink-bordered foreign pocket-handkerchief, and began to mop his damp forehead.