Borders [noun]

Definition of Borders:

outermost edge, margin

Synonyms of Borders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Borders:

Sentence/Example of Borders:

And I will make thy bulwarks of jasper: and thy gates of graven stones, and all thy borders of desirable stones.

He at once despatched judicious instructions to his officers in Scotland and on the Borders.

Thy riches and thy treasures I will give unto spoil for nothing, because of all thy sins, even in all thy borders.

California seemed less like a voluptuous leviathan blowing poppy-dust that blunted the memory of all things beyond her borders.

And the borders of them were of one handbreadth, turned inwards round about: and upon the tables was the flesh of the offering.

The vision of the holy waters issuing out from under the temple: the borders of the land to be divided among the twelve tribes.

And the side toward the sea, is the great sea from the borders straight on, till thou come to Emath: this is the side of the sea.

Even the conflict which had raged along the borders of Missouri and Kansas had only come as a faint echo among the Ozarks.

And she can live for herself only if she produces and is helped to produce everything for her requirements within her own borders.

Emath also in the borders thereof, and Tyre, and Sidon: for they have taken to themselves to be exceeding wise.