Boreal [adjective]

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But these were southerns, and exempt by climate from this scourge of the human race in Boreal regions.

In placing his foot for the first time on boreal land, the doctor experienced much emotion.

Sailors accustomed to the boreal seas generally consider this phenomenon as the precursor of abundant snow.

The converse is proved of the Pleistocene by the existence of a boreal fauna, and the widespread evidences of glacial action.

Two strong, tall, unbending trees, they stand as fit pillars to the entrance of a boreal climate.

Lastly, the Silurian corals nourished in latitudes more boreal than their modern representatives.

The Boreal couldn't insure men who ought to be upon their dying beds instead of coughing around Insurance offices.

Long, long before there was the sense of a boreal dawn in the chill darkness, the house stood in readiness, though none came.

It is a familiar fact that boreal and even arctic climatic conditions are met with on high mountains.

The winters are longer and more severe than in the boreal province, and the summers short and hot.