Borrowed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Borrowed:

You have borrowed, as these accounts will show, thousands of pounds, and paid them back with promises and words.

Ostentatiously he borrowed a stepladder and stretched the cloth across the front of his store, from post to post.

It's wretched enough to owe money to anybody, but I'd have felt safer if we'd borrowed from Mrs. Calvert or even from a bank.

If my deductions are correct, Lancing only borrowed the papers on the distinct understanding that they should be returned.

I intend to begin a third opera; this time on a subject borrowed from Lajetnikovs tragedy, The Oprichnik.

There the man has lived—if you can call such an existence living; Willy Gum, concealed by his borrowed black hair and whiskers.

The Hebrews borrowed this custom from their neighbors; for David sang and danced before the ark.

When he and Bill finally shed their borrowed overalls and caps, the garage lights were on, and the lot behind the shop was dusky.

They have certain of the arts of the trapper, perhaps original with them, perhaps borrowed from their larger neighbors.

The actual case from which this fiction story was borrowed involved a man, a wife, and the wife's clandestine violinist lover.