Borrowing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Borrowing:

That is, the Government was led into the policy of borrowing through the increase of monetary forms.

It was an error not to separate borrowing entirely from monetary issues.

Borrowing was his besetting sin, and he was always head over ears in debt.

But the much-tried lady was on the highroad toward trouble-borrowing and bound to reach her end.

"Mr. Baines would have no difficulty borrowing from five hundred thousand to three quarters of a million," said Noble.

The sum of his borrowing mounted and mounted, until, before the arrival of spring, his credit had been strained to the uttermost.

I began by borrowing five or six thousand francs on my little capital, and with this I took to gambling.

We see the different superstitions borrowing from each other their abstract reveries and their ceremonies.

At first I thought I would take a train and go up to Frankfurt to shorten the process of borrowing money.

So more and more he fell into the money-lenders' hands, borrowing at thirty or forty or sometimes nearly one hundred per cent.