Borstal [noun]

Definition of Borstal:

correctional facility

Synonyms of Borstal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Borstal:


Sentence/Example of Borstal:

You may find it in the little street that runs off the market place, going down towards the Borstal Institution.

Bertram Borstal turned out his pockets and spread their contents on the table before him.

It was not till he heard this that Bertram Borstal, racked with indigestion, realised the atrocious barbarity of his reprieve.

This led to the foundation of the Borstal scheme, which was first formally started in October 1902.

At Caversham there is a small proportion of the inmates who should be transferred to a Borstal institution.

I have always said that the hanging gardens of Borstal knocked spots off the hanging gardens of Babylon, and now I know it.

You smell out the hedgerows, and every borstal leads you out on to the grass.

He is not a criminal and earth is not a Borstal Institution.