Bosom [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bosom:

They are so rich in harmony, so weird, so wild, that when you hear them you are like a sea-weed cast upon the bosom of the ocean.

You will follow the suite of my daughter to Spain, and you will become the bosom Counsellor of the wife of your Prince?

There were those who saw him lying on the ground, still in death, his bosom drenched in blood.

He was Honour's self, till he brought the serpent to his bosom, in the shape of his perfidious son.

At this part of Lorenzo's narrative, a cry, unutterable in words, burst from the engloomed but steadfast bosom of his auditor.

She craned forward, the smile gone from her lips, a horror in her eyes, her bosom heaving.

She pressed her hands tighter upon her bosom; her eyes sparkled with an odd approval of that brisk deed.

His bosom friend, John Barton, made his exit from the world's stage April 16, 1875.

The moment the money had arrived, Michael's previous anxieties fled from his bosom, and left him as happy as a boy without a care.

Her soft white hand at that moment pressing the cross to her bosom, completed the picture.