Botched [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Botched:

To think of a chap writing such a veiled, ambiguous, absolutely botched sentence, and cooking up such a mess!

But of Van city itself—thanks to its proximity to the frontier—he made rather a botched job.

That was his chief boast, if boasting it might be called—that he never botched the job.

This is perfectly true; much as Lnnrot botched and vamped the Finnish lays he made no epic out of them.

None of your botched stuff, cotton and wool, trumpery; flimsy rubbish that rips if you look at it.

The lower screw-plate on the stern post had wrenched out, and we botched it up roughly as a make-shift.

And the latter is usually handled in a way that is too sad, too wasteful; in short, badly botched.

I am sorry to say that nothing is, as a rule, more badly botched, while nothing is more easily or simply cooked as it should be.

I am mortified this morning to find the letter to you botched up in the Eastern papers, telegraphed from Chicago.

He was a quaint little figure, dressed in a man's trousers that had been botched small for him, and a coat hanging in rags.